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I have to agree with you about double headers but maybe for different reasons. This practice is contrary to the rules, which states that matches should be played as per the fixture list. In a close division this can seriously affect the positions in the division. This happened to the Post Office team when West Watford played a double header and gained eight points. If they had played two matches, they may not necessarily have won the second match by the same margin, especially with different personnel on duty.
I am seriously considering a rule proposal to outlaw this.

Firstly, a slight correction - it should be "double points", rather than "double header", as that refers (chiefly in US sports, eg baseball) to "a sporting event in which two games are played in succession at the same venue."

Anyway, I think most people would prefer all games to be played. However, I think there is a danger in outlawing it, as if a game cannot be played, then what are the alternatives?

A walkover - that might be worse; a team could be denied a title or a promotion spot, or be doomed to relegation as a result of a walkover?

No points - well that would hardly be fair to a team that had been able to play?

Committee Ruling - maybe the final option?

Good observation. Double Pointers it is then!
Good point on walk overs but i would vote with Dave to ban double pointers because i believe that people would make more effort to re arrange games if a double pointer was not sitting there at the end of the tunnel as a last option.
As far as walkovers affecting table positions ....when i suggested that the league should be slightly more tolerant of postponements in order to try and reduce teams conceding matches due to players unavailabilty and reluctance or laziness in getting reserves, it was suggested that league table positions were unimportant and nobody gives a damn who finishes top or third or bottom because we all play for fun!

I agree it is not satisfactory to have "double points" matches. The current rules do not provide for it. In practice the league has accepted a result on this basis on a few occasions and mostly as a last resort. There is always the danger that such a result could affect promotion or relegation. However I do not see how being more tolerant over postponements would improve the position in fact I think it could make it worse. What I might consider an improvement would be that postponement can only be agreed by committee providing the revised date was agreed prior to the date of the original scheduled date. It would be interesting to know how many fixtures we are actually talking about here so we could see the scale of the problem, if any. Off the matches postponed due to the snow or closure of the Queens venue I wrote to all concerned immediately with alternative dates and I regret to report that in most cases the response was slow to non existent.

If as Dave and Stuart suggest it is a breach of the rules to accept a 'double pointer' then the league has no regard for the rules. Double pointers should not have been accepted and the unplayed game merely declared void and unplayed - no points to either team unless a team defaulted on the original date so therefore the non defaulting team should get the points. (otherwise as Martin says it would be unfair )
Maybe that would induce teams to re arrange snow flake or school closure postponements.
My point on postponements was more to do with teams just conceding matches and thereby giving a w/o which as Martin suggests could easily affect the final league table.

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