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Hi Mike,

I think Geof does an excellent job as match secretary and of course sometimes things get a bit behind...

For those of us seeking improvements in the running / management of the league, why not step up to the mark and get involved? It is not an onerous task and I am sure some like Geof and Stuart who have given many hours of service would be grateful for some well earned time-off.

Come along to the AGM and become part of the solution......

I had been away from ping pong for a long time but had previously been very involved in the organisation of clubs and leagues. Am now back in harness in another league as treasurer of my club and, forthcoming, general secretary of the league. I think it's enough. I know how much effort people put in and I will gladly trumpet this to anyone who might listen.
I was talking to someone the other day who has nothing to do with the Watford League and he mentioned seeing something that I had put on the blog. Clearly your site is of interest to people so well done for that.
However, I still maintain that the most important purpose of the site is to keep players up to date with what is going on and I cannot see that it does much to report on games played but not update the tables.
Mind you, no one else has commented on this (not even Ian) so perhaps I am the only person who thinks this way. Perhaps what concerns people most is whether Abbots Langley should get relegated and, of course, they shouldn't!

I agree with you Mike...be good if the tables were updated...then would know for sure whether Abbots had finished in the bottom two or not:)

These are early days as far as the league site goes. Some considerable effort has made it possible for entries to the blog to be virtually instant. It is good that many have taken the time to report their match on the blog and the result is there for us all to see instantly. Hands up all you who post the card on the way home. Very few. In fact I know that Geof often does not receive cards for several days sometimes over a week after the match was played. It is not yet possible to update the results as quickly as we would like. This has been the subject of discussion at meetings and I am told is not an easy fix. For the time being we have to have patience. Anybody out there who thinks they can help us to improve please step forward

Not being a team captain here (I leave it to others in the Watford League), I don't know if Watford makes use of e-mailed results? In the Hemel League, where I am the one who receives the results, we started allowing results on so called "e-cards" (basically a spreadsheet look-alike of the scorecard, in which you fill in the details), as well as scanned versions of the card, in addition to the traditional card in the post. E-cards / scanned cards probably make up the majority of results received, now, and have certainly improved the delay from certain teams!

Obviously, that still leaves the effort of collating the results, and then getting that information up on the internet - an area where Hemel is a long way behind Watford!!

I think the Watford website is great - with the discussion and Match Reports, which often means that even if the League Tables are not bang up-to-date, they are rarely too far behind. Obviously though, any improvement to that would be good and maybe someone with the requisite internet skills can help improve things!?

Thanks for the compliment ..Mike.
I know i am the most intelligent, thoughtful, interesting and controversial contributor to the site, but you cant expect me to comment on everything?
I myself sign in to read comments rather than look at the tables and also I have no idea how time consuming updating the table and averages is, so i am reluctant to criticise. But if the current tables are not final, then i agree....why not?
Maybe drop the averages to ease the work load? Who is interested in averages?

If they are the final tables and Watling 'B' needed one point to avoid the drop then that supports my proposal to allow one postponement per team because Watling 'B' had to concede a game to my team..a game they would almost certainly have got that one point. On proposals...
somebody suggests the home team puts its order of play down first so that the away team has a stategic advantage. why should the away team have an advantage? however small?
The fact that this idea is posted merely emphasises what a quirky bizzare format the Watford league has. Nine singles has to be the most logical and simplest system to adopt and the results would reflect who is the best team . Doubles is for tournaments and doubles players who want the practice should use practice night and not a league match for that practice.
Can more people be brave and post a comment coz nobody has yet given me 'a run for my money!' :)

oops, missed out Martin.....
I scanned and attached to an email and sent our handicap results to Gordon with no problems and did the same with a couple of league score cards but it would be good to hear that this is officially perfectly acceptable.
Despite going to Cambridge University where for a season i was chair of the debating society!! , i dont know what an e card is or how to use a spread sheet but im sure that would work just as well!

Unfortunately we (Alan Thomas and I) have had problems with the website this season and to date have not been able to overcome them. Last season I could update the tables almost daily direct from my computer, as and when I received results. No such luck this season. Often I have not received results for weeks, mainly through players forgetting to send me the card. I get quite a few e-mailed to me, so that is acceptable. Whem matches have been postponed I have not been told, so that does not help things. Next season if postponements are not so prevalent and the website sorted, I hope the tables will be much more up to date. The averages are done automatically so that is not a problem. Hope to see you all at the AGM where any points of view can be aired. Cheers Geof.

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