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i think Chris Ogle,s idea is best. Each player plays 3 singles. I personally hate doubles

But you are so much better in doubles Graham :)

There has been a lot of talk regarding one man one vote at the AGM. In My opinion - no way hosay.

If only 11 people turn up for the AGM as has happened in the past, then 6 people could pass rule ammendments etc. and before someone shouts about postal or proxy votes the admin would be horrendous to send out forms and verify the reply authenticity.

If the team captains do as they should and get their team members to get a consensus and vote as the team majority indicats then a larger proportion of the League gets a say. Leave it as it is.

if only 11 people turn up now at an agm and they are from 7 different teams between them then 4 people could pass a motion. Although every team is supposed to send a representitive at the moment there is nothing forcing them to do so (other than a fine) and if a team is not represented then the vote still goes ahead without them

so what happened?? did the revolutionaries have their day?

Hi David,

All will be revealed tomorrow... I will post up the minutes of the meeting...

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