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I have a question about who exactly is allowed to vote at the AGM. My understanding is that each team gets one vote which means that with 29 teams in the league the AGM seems to have been very under-represented given the number of votes recorded for each proposal. Even allowing for oxhey hall not being represented (2 teams) and 5 apologies (presumably each from a different team) that still means that each proposal should have recieved 22 votes (or abstensions), however the minutes show the total number of votes for each proposal as:

1. 12 votes (or abstensions)
2. 11
3. 14
4. 0 (not seconded)
5. 11
6. 0 (not seconded)
7. 12
8. 0 (not seconded)
9. 11
10. 13

shouldn't these numbers have been consistent for every proposal and have been a lot higher?

Nothing special or too surprising here. Each club is required to have a representative at the AGM and if not they incur a fine. It is a club requirement not a team one. Some teams had several players present others none. Each team with a rep had a card. At the appropiate time they could vote by displaying the card. It was possible to for, against, abstain but they could decide not to raise their hand at any of those options

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