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In the interim it might be worth phoning the ETTA instead (08450 500 388), or print out a Form and post it (though that seems to be taking a while)! as Martin suggests.

Further to the update from Chris Ogle, I can confirm that I was finally able to do my ETTA Player Registration using the FIREFOX browser, so it seems to confirm Chris' theory! So, I am now a fully paid up ETTA Player (11387)!

However, like Chris, I have also sent in my comments (complaints) about the system to ETTA (in my capacity as Match Secretary in the Hemel League), to try to add extra weight to the need for them to fix their system ASAP. They have confirmed it was passed on to the Operations Manager, Bill Shearer. I'll relay on any more news I get.

Thanks Martin for feedback, hopefully they will sort out the Internet Explorer version soon.

I managed to register and purchase my membership OK, with Google Chrome as my browser.
However I found the on-line forms tricky to use. For example after initially registering you have to compete a profile, which includes several compulsory fields. One of these is “payment method”, but there is no drop-down list or guidance on what the options are. So I just wrote in “any” and got past that stage. Later on there is a section that you need to fill in with payment info, which pre-fills certain fields, such as first name, but not others, such as last name!
Then when you finally complete the process, the confirmation email tells you that your membership id is also your password to login to the system, even though you have to set up a password when you are registering.
So if you find yourself getting confused and wondering what you have done wrong, its quite possible that you are doing everything right but that the system is just not very good.

ETTA On-Line Player Registration - UPDATE

I had many of the same comments as James G (above) when completing my ETTA Membership, which I communicated back to ETTA as a complaint!

ETTA have confirmed that the registration has problems with Internet Explorer (IE) versions 7 or earlier, but that it works with IE8 and other browsers! They also confirmed they are NOT planning to correct the issue for IE7 (they reckon IE6 / IE7 only have 15% of market share).

They also agreed that the Profile page is confusing, as you should "Buy Membership" first, and that they are planning to redesign this - to minimise confusion.

Useful feedback Martin, there may only be 15 percent market share for IE7 however in the space of Table Tennis players from the age of 40 upwards I would suggest the number is more like 60 percent using IE7.

Anyhow they are not going to do anything about it which is a real nause... I wouldn't have thought with a decent development company behind it that it would've taken much to resolve... but not the first time I have heard of Businesses taking such a stance...

What amuses me is that the application to take peoples names and addresses and some other basic info. and then record it in a database and take some money is so simple I can't believe they have managed to mess this up ...

This was a great opportunity to streamline the registration process... I now feel it will just cause a whole bunch of extra work... a real shame...

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