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I gather another Rule change is that an *accidental* double hit (e.g. both finger and bat) is no longer a point against!

Regarding Bat Coverings, a couple of people have fallen foul of this .. if anyone looks up their bat rubber on the ITTF list, and is worried by the wording "Out" next to their rubber, don't worry, it just means it's a pimples *OUT* type of rubber, but, as it's obviously ON the list, it's a legal type of covering!

ON-LINE ETTA Player Registration System - doesn't seem to work on some PCs (& confirmed by ETTA), if they have their "Security Level" set at High!! So, if you try filling in your password, and it repeatedly comes back with the password blanked out, this may be the issue, and you either need to reduce the Security Level (if you are able), or, try from a different PC, or, phone them up instead (08450 500 388), or print out a Form and post it (though that seems to be taking a while)!

Nice one Martin. We had that trouble and werent going to bother with a licence.
Next year we should all refuse it and the leagues should object to the ETTA concerning this licence cobblers. What would leagues do if half the players didnt have a licence I wonder.

Well, I did complain about the on-line system - as essentially it's poor design / programming when a large number of 'normally' set up PCs can't use the system! However, the 'answer' was just that you'd have to telephone! Maybe more people should lodge complaints?

Regarding what Leagues would do, I think they might have to apply for Licences on behalf of players, as ETTA state that any player without a Licence cannot play in a local League?!

anyway, Martin, thanks again for posting the info

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