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It perhaps was always going to happen that some players would forget, not be bothered or got the pip with the rubbish etta web site as I did! Maybe half the players dont even know about the licence.
Will we all have to re apply each new season? If so, the ETTA should be told to scrap the idea.

Yes IAN, I'm an IT guy and even for me the ETTA website was an un-navigable horror story... I did manage to get to the end... in the end... but you do need tenacity and perseverance to get the job done...

I have no idea how the ETTA have managed to organise the creation of such a horrendous piece of software to achieve what is ostensibly a very simple database update with a product sale... it seems to me that some happy amateurs have been deployed who may have been low cost but... reminds me of a sales message I used a few time...

The Bitterness of poor quality lingers much longer than the sweetness of low cost... but hey ho!

To answer Ian's last point, you will need to renew each year but you will keep the same number.
Hopefully, it will be easier next year.

It should, hopefully, just be a case of suffer the full registration process just this once, then be able to just renew (i.e. pay) each subsequent year!!

There should be benefits to the sport, as a whole, as a result of a proper membership list being held by ETTA, as otherwise table tennis might stand to lose out to other sports on various funding.

All that said, I totally agree with Chris about the quality of the software, and have told ETTA about the faults. I'm aware that some people have been trouble *even* using IE8 (Internet Explorer version 8) to use the system, which ETTA claim is supposed to be supported!

However, the more people that can manage to register *themselves* (I'd suggest you try Firefox, if you can, rather than Internet Explorer), then the less work will be pushed on to Geof and the rest of the Committee!

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