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, you post them at work in ANY capacity and if it gets back to you (AND IT WILL) you're toast. However, sent to his wife? Ahhh now that is rvenege best served with a requirement to sign from the post office. (He'll know it was you FYI)@ Talking in your sleep guy well for starters you're ineligible for a clearance. (At least back in my day it was a DQ). However, if you only dip your wick in one place, you should be fine. That nugget about women filing things away that doesn't apply to just this situation BTW.@ Trying to make a baby It's not so much what you do as when you do it.(her cycle) I've heard the longer you stay in her after making the O face the better. Her role is pretty much taken care of by nature (eggs dropping etc). To increase your chances, cut out caffeine, alcohol, THC and anything that might decrease your sperm count. And good luck. As an aside if I had $100 for every married couple of mine who gave up and then BOOM! She gets pregnant out of the blue, I could make my mortgage payment for a couple of months.

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