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Shortcut Keys for Button in vb.net. .NET Framework Forums on Bytes.
Shortcut Keys for Button in vb.net - .NET Framework
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shortcut keys for button in vb.net
Shortcut Keys for Button in vb.net
P: 33
How can i create shortcut keys for Button Controls in vb.net. I am using MDI form and Child Form. I want to create shortcut key for button in ChildForm. Actually i created but when i press Alt it focus to MDI form Only. Whether its right or wrong
Hoper your reply
Nov 26 '07
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4 Replies Expert 100+
P: 390
put youe code sample to help you better
Nov 26 '07
#2 reply Expert 5K+
P: 7,872
Does putting the '$' symbol in the Text of the button not work?
I think in .NET2.0 they have a hotkey property as well?
Nov 26 '07
#3 reply Expert 5K+
P: 8,115
No need to write any code , you only need to set the property .
Nov 26 '07
#4 reply
P: 33
Ya, i tried using ampersand symbol before the character in Text Property of the Button Control. Actually i need this in Child Form Button. When i click Alt Key it focus to the Parent form, any need to change the Focus between these two forms.
Any suggesstion about this...!
Hope your reply
Nov 30 '07
#5 reply
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