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09.01.11 at 6:00 pmSlashLast dude: Listen to CC. You dated for 4 months, she wasn't a chidohlod sweetheart who gave you your first tender kiss, then you went to war and came back after a few years and found out she had fallen in love with another, but she still has feelings for you, blah blah blah. She dumped you and found some guy rich enough to fly her to Hawaii every month. There's nothing to mourn here. Move on. Don't go to that fucking reception. And few women are afraid of feelings, unfortunately. Jesus Christ, most women eagerly dive into a goddam Olympic-sized swimming pool full of feelings every day and can't wait to share them with the world. And if they're not busy yapping about their own feelings, they interrogate you about yours (they don't just do this to men, they do it to other women, too).

05.19.11 at 5:27 pmFavreFAILAussie guy needs to realize he cant have it both ways at this point when you staertd getting intimate and she dropped the l word, that was the point of no return. Tell her sooner rather than later that you like her as a friend, but no the way she feels about you. She'll be pissed, it'll be awkward, but you can't keep making her think you reciprocate.

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